“We have known Web Centre Plus Ltd for quite a few years and decided to ask their services when our website needed a long overdue redesign. They listened to our requirements and after coming back with a design, worked with us over the final tweaks leaving us with a website that we can manage and is ideal for our business, as well as mobile friendly. They are easy to work with and highly recommended. Many thanks!!”

24-7 Accounts

Tel: 01302 866024

Adrienne Blair, Accountants

And again – thank you for a prompt and personal service.

I remember about 10 or 12 years ago, I was trawling the web for a new host for my e-commerce site. I came across your site and, on an impulse, phoned the advertised number and you personally answered. Since then, there have been whole years when it has not been necessary to talk to you because all is going smoothly and then, on the odd occasion, when something goes awry with my site, I pick up the phone and there you are – always ready to sort out any difficulties. Efficient personal service. That is what I want and that is what I get from you. Unlimited thanks!


Henry Tomkins Leather
17 Prospect Park
+44(0)1392 496620

Henry Tomkins , HT Leather

Dear Colin,
I thought it appropriate to write to you to express my satisfaction at the way things have been handled with regards to my website and the results that have arisen. As you know, I wished to progress 'gently' so that I was not overwhelmed with orders. It has all gone according to plan and I have very much appreciated the immediate support you have given me when I have had a query, or customers have 'screwed up! ! !'. Your prompt response to alterations and maintenance of the site have been admirable.

The number of hits I have been getting has surprised me! So many have become orders, not only in the UK but also from the USA, Europe and even Singapore. The costs that you charged me were so reasonable that I recovered them in under 3 months. From what I have subsequently seen and read, you do offer excellent value for money, and no matter how tired you might be, or how trying a day you have had, you always are ready to help. Well done Colin and thank you.

Genevieve Stocker, Wedding Plates

Colin is a pleasure to work with and they've made my life a lot easier... they've improved the site traffic and significantly increased the volume of business it generates.
M. Barnicott

M. Barnicott, Entrepreneur