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Hiring Your First Employee as an Entrepreneur can be scary. We discuss hiring our first employee as entrepreneurs and the mistakes we made in the process. We talk about the things you should look for when hiring your first employee.
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My name is Brandy Morgan!
I live in the sunshine state currently, I moved here from ND!

I make vlogs, with my hubby, Josh, he looks like Thor. We are both software developers building businesses. Josh has a SaaS company with his two brothers and I am just trying to figure out my way in the world of business and tech. I create daily vlogs documenting what we do working remotely.

My vlogs show how I balance being in my 20s with my hot hubby as we both grow/ build businesses. Our goal is to both build million dollar companies while always keeping God at the center or our lives.

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Love yall so much!!

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  • Really loved the intro and music to this one! Nice work 🙂

  • Doing big things!! So happy for you guys!

  • Verrrry interesting. I've worked for a company (and were talking over 500-1000 employees) and granted they're already fleshed out by this point but they had a very specific mission statement, branding, what their goals were, what they stood for, what they were aiming for specifically, how they should look, sound, everything was pretty much very well established so there was no doubt in any employees mind what the imprint and foundation of the company was.

    And when you are first starting out, I guess you might not have all of that fleshed out as a foundation to help a self starter draw their own expertise conclusions as to what you needed at the time.

    And I am glad Josh that you mentioned about not being the mould that everyone else thinks starters should be. Every business should be unique with its own operations and growth and how it sets out to achieve what its offering product or service to its own customer base.

    Sorry to hear for you guys and for that person it wasnt the right fit but I guess at the time this all was a learning experience and you would not have arrived at where you are now had you not gone through that to realise it wasnt the business model you wanted etc.

    Evolution is sometimes just as important as growth.

  • Great video! Working for yourself can be so rewarding! I made a video on entrepreneurship and I have more coming soon, and it would be great if you would take a look! Congrats on your success and your channel!  ⭐️

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